Home Visits

Our doctors typically see four patients in the practice in the time it takes to do a single home visit. For this reason, we ask our patients to come to the practice if at all possible.

Please consider carefully whether a request for a visit is necessary. Urgent cases can always be fitted in during surgeries and even children, who can be wrapped in a blanket if needed, can often be seen more quickly at surgery than visited at home.

We would like to emphasise that we only offer home visits to those who genuinely cannot get to the surgery through ill health. Transport difficulties are not a reason for a home visit. However, patients who are too ill or physically incapable of travelling to the surgery may request one.

Please ring 0161 257 3338 before 10.00am to arrange a visit and let us know if your condition is urgent. A contact telephone number is essential as the doctor may need to contact you to assess your condition before visiting.